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TE connectivity VESA Vacuum Circuit Breakers


TE Connectivity's (TE) optimized VESA vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) for railway electrification is the first completely electro-magnetically operated system for 25kV and 15kV vehicles. More than 800 units on four continents, with the first unit installed over five years ago, generate an unbeatable proven reliability and thus lead the electrical rail vehicle market into a new era.

Electro-magnetically operated VESA VCB's are lighter weight than the pneumatic circuit breakers, easy to install, provide higher levels of safety and need less energy to be operated. The VESA VCB allows removal of bulky pneumatic systems and provides the market with a lower total installed cost solution. This innovative TE solution offers an exciting and reliable product for both new designs and refurbishment programs. Decide to reduce your total cost of ownership and choose TE's greener way to more efficiency.

Principle of operation: The unit is operated electro-magnetically, no pneumatic connection is needed. It uses a small amount of current from the train's low voltage power supply and an in-built storage capacitor to change the state of a magnetic actuator. To open or close the VCB, a command signal is applied to the low voltage control circuit which then supplies power to the actuator. As the actuator changes state, it moves the contacts in the vacuum interrupter via an external drive rod. Minimum power is required to hold the contacts closed. The unit interfaces with the electronic control system on the train and the control logic can be customized to individual applications.

    Key Features
  • 25/15 kV vehicle mounted vacuum circuit breaker optimized for use in the rail environment
  • Electro-magnetic operation - no compressed air required
  • Solid insulation with no internal creepage paths to eliminate internal flashovers
  • Low height and weight compared to existing technologies
  • Fits industry standard footprint making it suitable for new-build and retrofit applications
  • Available with integral earthing switch saving space and expense
  • Can be interlocked with train safety/control systems
  • High reliability and low maintenance reducing total life-cycle costs
  • Suitable for 25kV/15kV AC applications and others upon request
  • Rolling stock
  • New-build and retrofit








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